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A source close to Jones says he is gearing up to run in 2025

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A source close to Jones says he is gearing up to run in 2025

A state senator says his first bill next year will be one to ban AR-15s and AK-47s

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The rundown

  • Jay Jones released a statement about the birth of his son while sources close to him say he fully intends to run in 2025

  • State Sen. Joe Morrissey says he plans to introduce an assault rifle ban

  • VA-02 Republican candidate Jen Kiggans released another tv ad

  • Former First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe is going to work in the Biden administration

Jones welcomes baby boy while sources say he plans to run for attorney general in 2025

Former Del. Jay Jones (D-Norfolk) and his wife welcomed Charles Edward Jerrauld Jones in the early morning hours of June 1.

“We’ve been anxiously awaiting Charles’ arrival and he immediately stole the hearts of his parents, grandparents, and extended family,” Jones said in a statement. “We’re so appreciative of the unwavering support from friends, colleagues, and supporters across Virginia. Family comes first above all else, a lesson I learned from my parents. My abiding goal is to use my energy and resources to provide Charles and his generation with a world to grow up in that reflects the values and ideals of his great-grandfather Hilary Jones, Jr. and other Civil Rights pioneers who sought unity, justice, and a fair shot in Virginia - a mission that endures to this day. With so much toxicity, division, the seemingly constant threat of gun violence, and shockingly swift reversion to the unjustness of days gone by, I’m shaken to my core and I owe my son a better future. We owe it to ourselves and our brothers and sisters to step up and strive for the higher ideals our forebears never doubted were possible.”

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