The NRA rates Republican statewide candidates, all Republican gubernatorial candidates respond to Chauvin convictions, and Northam signs marijuana legalization bill

An afternoon update on Virginia politics


The NRA released ratings of statewide Republican candidates

Kirk Cox and Amanda Chase received an ‘A’ rating due to their legislative voting record. The scale lists their description as “a candidate who has supported NRA positions on key votes in elective office or a candidate with a demonstrated record of support on Second Amendment issues.”

Pete Snyder and Sergio de la Pena received an ‘AQ’ which means they were only judged off of their responses to the NRA questionnaire.

Glenn Youngkin appears to have not turned in the questionnaire and he received a ‘?"‘ rating. The scale says candidates with this rating “refused to answer the NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire” or “made contradictory statements or taken positions that are inconsistent with the candidate's answers to the NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire or previous record.”

Youngkin’s campaign spokesperson Macaulay Porter provided the following statement Wednesday. "Glenn is a gunowner and a lifetime member of the NRA who will defend Virginians' Second Amendment rights. That’s one reason conservatives and groups like The Middle Resolution are supporting him. Politicians love to fill out surveys, but just like President Trump, Glenn isn’t a politician and isn’t spending all his time filling out surveys. Glenn is traveling Virginia, meeting with voters, and telling them exactly what he believes. The best way to protect your Second Amendment rights is to nominate Glenn so he can win in November. "


All four frontrunners for the Republican gubernatorial nomination provide responses to Derek Chauvin’s murder conviction.

State Del. Kirk Cox, a Republican gubernatorial candidate for governor said Chauvin was provided due process and the rule of law should be valued. “Officer Chauvin was afforded due process and convicted today by an impartial jury,” Cox said in a statement Tuesday. “For me, that is a clear result of our judicial process, and it’s important to not only respect that outcome, but to defend it as the rightful result in a society that should value the rule of law.”

State Senator Amanda Chase, the Republican gubernatorial candidate that is most like Donald Trump struck a different tone from the other candidates when she said she is concerned about the Chauvin convictions. “I’m concerned that the decision was politically motivated more to prevent civil unrest than to serve justice,” she said in a statement Tuesday night. “The decision made today sends a clear message to law enforcement; the justice system doesn’t have your back. I’m concerned that across our great nation our second line of defense will resign because it’s simply not worth the personal price one now has to pay to serve in the line of duty.”

Glenn Youngkin, a former executive at The Carlyle Group who is seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination gave condolences to the families of Floyd and Chauvin. “Our prayers are with the Floyd family, the Chauvin family, and our entire American family at this time,” Youngkin said in a statement Wednesday morning. “It is our hope that Mr. Floyd’s family finds peace in this verdict right now, at what is no doubt another agonizing moment in their lives. As governor I will uphold the foundations of our civil society, preserve the right to a fair trial, and ensure equal treatment under the law.  I believe it is time to come together in our hope for a better tomorrow.”

Pete Snyder responded to the verdict in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “Our commitment to due process and the rule of law is the fundamental foundation of our society and is what makes America exceptional,” Snyder said. “Every Virginian can and should stand together in pursuit of truth and justice. As Governor, I will fight to protect and preserve our founding principles.”

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AG Herring asks Supreme Court of Va. to dissolve injunction blocking Lee monument removal - NBC12

Herring is asking the court to uphold the Richmond Circuit Court’s ruling in Oct. 2020 that said the removal of the statue is lawful. The Richmond Circuit Court judge “found that the statue was raised against a backdrop of white supremacy and that it is against public policy to keep it up, but the ruling was stayed pending appeal.”

“The Lee statue has held a place of prominence in the capital of Virginia, sending a message of white supremacy and division, for far too long and it is time for it to come down” said Herring. “The continued obstruction that has so far prohibited the commonwealth from exercising its right to remove state-owned property must stop. I remain committed to ensuring that this stark reminder of a racist past comes down, allowing Virginia to move forward on its journey of healing and reconciliation.”

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Delegate Kathleen Murphy & House Majority Whip Delegate Alfonso Lopez Endorsed Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor 

"I am endorsing Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor," said Delegate Kathleen Murphy. "As a Delegate, Hala has been a powerful voice for the issues we care about. She has been an effective leader in the House of Delegates and I believe she has the skills to be a strong Lt. Governor. She will get the job done right."

“I am excited to announce my support for Delegate Ayala in her candidacy for Lieutenant Governor,” said Delegate Alfonso Lopez. “I have worked side by side with Hala for the last four years, including two as Chief Deputy Whip, and I have been impressed with her leadership and ability to build bridges both within our own party and across the aisle. She understands the importance of building coalitions to make meaningful policy changes to improve quality of life for all Virginians. I know that Hala will bring this skill set to the Senate and will continue her important work on behalf of working families. I hope you’ll join me in supporting her.” 


Northam signs marijuana legalization bill

Governor Ralph Northam signed the legislation today that will make it legal to have up to an ounce of marijuana beginning on July 1. (For anyone over 21 years old.)

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On Tuesday, Terry McAuliffe visited and volunteered with United Community, a human services non-profit agency in southeastern Fairfax County.

“I was fortunate to spend the afternoon with United Community helping to distribute food and toiletries to Virginians most in need. The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on families is a heartbreaking reality that our next governor will have to continue to address,” said Terry McAuliffe. “This is the moment to go big and bold to make sure we lift all Virginians up in an equitable way as we recover from this pandemic. I am ready to work with the broad and diverse coalition of leaders who have endorsed my campaign to build a more equitable post-COVID Virginia together.”