Early voting begins in Democratic primary, the VA GOP makes it impossible for Jewish people to vote early in the convention, and Rasoul releases a plan to ensure the right to vote

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Early voting in the Democratic primary races begins today

 Any Virginian that is registered to vote will be able to participate in the Democratic primary.

  • You do not have to have a reason or fill out an application to vote early.

  • At the registrar’s office or satellite voting location, you must provide your name and address and show an acceptable form of ID or sign an ID Confirmation Statement. To view a complete list of acceptable IDs, visit the Voting In-Person page from the Department of Elections.

  • Accessible equipment and/or curbside voting is available upon request.

  • Click this link to apply online to vote by mail.

  • All paper absentee application forms can be found on the Voter Forms page.

  • Military and overseas voters can find specific information regarding absentee voting on the Military and Overseas page.

    • After applying for mail-in abssentee, you can check to see if your absentee application was received, and whether your ballot was sent and received by going to the Citizen Portal.

The June 8 primary will determine the Democratic nominees for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. Additionally, the voters in any House of Delegates districts that have multiple primary candidates will also be voting.


The Republican State Central Committee voted down a motion to allow early voting for Jewish people to avoid voting on Shabbat.

The SCC also added three new voting locations for the May convention, one in Chesapeake, one in Chesterfield, and one in Virginia Beach.

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Kirk Cox releases new ad focused on the Parole Board scandal


Richmond area officials endorsed Terry McAuliffe for governor

The following elected officials endorsed Terry McAuliffe in the Democratic primary for governor

  • Former Delegate Debra Rodman

  • Henrico County Supervisor Tyrone Nelson

  • Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors Chair James “Jim” Holland

  • Richmond City Councilor Cynthia Newbille

  • Richmond City Councilor Stephanie Lynch

  • Former Richmond City Council President Michelle Mosby

  • Richmond School Board Member Liz Doerr

  • Richmond School Board Member Dawn Page

  • Richmond Faith Leader Rev. A. Lincoln James

Rasoul Releases Plan to Ensure Right To Vote For Every Virginia Citizen

“In states across the South, we've seen Republican governors and legislatures this year enact vicious voter suppression laws. Luckily, the Democratic majority in Virginia has moved us in the opposite direction," said Rasoul. “Now is the time to go further and join other states by ensuring that the right to vote is never taken away, and putting measures in place that curb the undue influence of corporate greed on our elections."

Rasoul’s plan includes:

  • Ensuring the ability to vote is never taken away, including for the incarcerated

  • Expanding automatic voter registration to government agencies beyond the Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Instituting ranked-choice voting

  • Banning corporate political donations

  • Instituting maximum individual contribution limits

  • Exploring a small-donor public financing system for Virginia


Va. minimum wage goes to $9.50 on May 1 - Richmond Free Press

by Jeremy Lazarus

For the first time in 12 years, the minimum wage will officially increase from $7.25 an hour to $9.50 an hour.

The increase is one of the many changes that the Democratic majorities in the General Assembly have ushered in. The increase in the minimum wage passed in the 2020 legislative session, and Gov. Ralph S. Northam signed it into law. But the governor and legislature agreed to delay implementation due to the impact of the pandemic on small business operations.

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Virginia House speaker says in-person lawmaking might return soon, defends Democratic control - Washington Post

by Greg Schneider

Since becoming the first woman to serve as Virginia's Speaker of the House in early 2020, Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Fairfax) has presided over only a single ordinary, 60-day session in the State Capitol.

Once the pandemic hit last March, she pushed the House to hold its meetings online, an unprecedented effort that included two special sessions and this year’s regular legislative term. But when the legislature convenes for a possible special session later this year related to coronavirus relief, Filler-Corn is hoping that vaccinations will allow all 100 delegates to return to the ornate House chamber.

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Virginia legalized it, but people in prison on marijuana charges will stay there under new law - Virginia Mercury

by Ned Oliver

Marijuana will be legal to possess and grow in Virginia on July 1, but people serving jail and prison sentences related to the drug will remain behind bars under legislation passed by the General Assembly earlier this month.

Lawmakers had considered including a provision that would have granted resentencing hearings to people incarcerated on certain marijuana charges, but the language didn’t make it in the final bill — an outcome some lawmakers and advocates are calling a disappointment.

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Virginia Man Shot by Sheriff's Deputy After Calling 911 for Help - NBC News

by Julie Carey

A Virginia man was shot multiple times by a sheriff’s deputy after the deputy gave him a ride home, left and then was called back to the man’s home for help. 

Isaiah Brown, 32, is in intensive care with 10 bullet wounds after being shot outside his home in Spotsylvania County early Wednesday, his family says.

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Biden's tax-the-rich plans - Axios

President Biden in the next few days will unveil eye-popping new tax rates for the wealthiest Americans —a top marginal income tax rate of 39.6% and a capital gains rate of 43.4%.

Why it matters: The proposal, to be announced ahead of Biden's address to Congress next Wednesday, is an opening bid for Hill negotiations.

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