The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) released a memo showing which states they will really be focusing on helping Democrats win during the 2023 and 2024 election cycles
Aird’s polling shows she has gained a lot of ground and her campaign sees a potential path to victory.
Joe Morrissey reacts to losing in court on Thursday Listen now (2 min) | He asked me to remove his number from my rolodex and I honestly do not know what that is.
All 140 legislative seats are up for election.
Governor Youngkin announced a new superintendent of public instruction, a new chief of staff for the Department of Education, and a new member of the…
A group full of heavy hitters from the Virginia public education world are forming a group focused on supporting school board candidates across…
Del. Josh Cole's tweet from 2021 was shared as intel between members of law enforcement.
Youngkin signed onto a letter with other Republican governors opposing a rule that allows fund managers to consider environmental, social and corporate…
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